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We are a multidisciplinary group with experience in
the field of Oxford Nanopore technology.

Our team is made up of molecular biologist, pharmacists, doctors, bioinformatics and computer engineers.

  • timeline-image-01
    Biomedicine research group of the University of Murcia
    • Javier Corral de la Calle
    • Vicente Vicente García
    • Belén de la Morena Barrio
    • María Eugenia de la Morena Barrio
    • José Padilla Ruíz
  • timeline-image-01
    Bioinformatics and computer engineers group of the University of Murcia and the Murcian Bio-Health Institute
    • Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis
    • Ángel Esteban Gil
    • Francisco Abad Navarro
    • José Antonio Bernabé Díaz
    • Fernando Pérez Sanz
    • María Antonia Parreño González
    • María del Carmen Legaz García