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Long, full-length reads by nanopore sequencing allow characterisation and quantification of transcript isoforms

What can I get with this technology
  • Full-length transcripts, splice variants and gene fusions
  • Accurate transcript and isoform quantification.
  • Avoid PCR amplification by direct RNA sequencing
  • Detect base modifications alongside nucleotide sequence using direct RNA
  • Identification of anti-sense transcripts and lncRNA isoform
  • Methylation study
What do I have to do?
  1. Prepare your sample RNA high quality 1ug (fill the formulary at the website)
  2. Send your samples to our lab
    1. Library preparation
    2. Nanopore sequencing + data analysis
    3. Report to the client
  3. Get Access and analyze your results

Time: 3 weeks aprox

Estimated prize: from 600€ (depending on experiment design)