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We can enrich a specific genomic region of interest by using a method based on genomic walking primers. This method takes advantage of the minION device for analyze genomic DNA not restricted to amplicons getting higher coverage of your region of interest.

What can I get with this technology

Structural variants analysis, including translocations, or any other big structural variant, larger than your amplicon size. Phasing of your variants.

What do I have to do?
  1. Prepare your simple: DNA high quality 1ug (fill the formulary at the website)
  2. Send your samples to our lab
    1. PCR walking design + library preparation
    2. Nanopore sequencing + data analysis
    3. Report to the client
  3. Get Access and analyze your results

Time: 1 month aprox

Estimated prize: from 400€ (depending on experiment design)

Results obtained by this technology

Average we can achieve any desired coverage.

Average read length: 2.5kb

Our experience
We have enrich and detected pathogenic structural variants of one targeted gene, detecting a deletion involving 2.5kb of intron 1 in one case and a tandem duplication of one exon in another patient. The average coverage was 146X and the mean read length was 1.2kb